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Youth/Teen Ministry

Our goal is for our Youth to develope their own personal, real and vital relationship with God.  A majority of youth who grow up in church leave the church when they leave home either for college or work.  A large part of this problem is that they have been going to church based on their parents' relationship with God and never developed their own personal relationship with Him. We believe it is critical that they develope this personal faith.


These "Post-Modern" generation children have lived in a world where everyone seems to lie from the President of the United States to big business and the scientists they fund.  They have difficulty trusting anything they hear or read.  Many of them only trust their personal experience, therefore, they need to experience that God is alive and real personally. Bible Studies must relate to real life and real world experiences must relate to the Bible. Our Bible Studies and activities are all geared to this goal.


We also desire that our Youth learn to serve and think about others. We strive to train our Youth to respect and serve their parents, families, church and community well.  This only comes by actually serving and finding the joy and love that returns when you love and serve others.


We desire to build confident young people who know who they are as a person, their gifting and calling in life, and who have a solid personal relationship with their God.


We also know that people in general and especially young people are social creatures; they need to belong somewhere. We strive to create a place where they can belong. A place that is safe, where they can learn about God, and yet have fun!




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