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College Ministry




We work with CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ) and InterVarsity College Ministries. We realize that young people especially are social creatures so, as well as doing Bible Studies on campus with CRU, we have a great game room with Foosball, Table Tennis, Air Hockey, Pool Table and a large screen TV with Wii and video games where college students can hang out in a fun, safe and relaxing environment. Our goal is also to introduce our high school students to the college students.  As the CRU saying goes, Freshmen are walking around with a plug in their hands looking for somewhere to plug in (Belong). Our goal, by doing this, is to have our high school students already have friends and be plugged into CRU or InterVarsity.


Kent Matsui, who is also the Big Island Director for CRU leads our College Ministry with Stephen Bonnett

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